“The Things That Matter” – Perspective from a Survivor of the Aurora, IL Shooting

“The Things that mattered to me yesterday, do not matter today.”

We can learn so much from the survivors — the people who are determined to make it through after a tragedy.

It’s been a week since a shooting in Aurora, Illinois. It took place during a human resources meeting at a manufacturing plant.

It’s still on my mind for a couple reasons.

It breaks my heart. One life lost was an intern, just 21 years old. His name was Trevor. It was the first day of his internship. His was among five lives taken.

So while I don’t know much about Aurora, Illinois, I know there are five families in Aurora experiencing deep pain right now.

I also can’t shake the words of a surviving wife. They inspire me, offer perspective, and keep me in check all at once.

Terra Pinkard lost her husband, Josh, that day. He was 37, a father of three. Here are her words…

“The things that mattered to me yesterday, do not matter today.

I will praise the Lord for giving me this mountain of a man. I will praise the Lord for the children we have together.

I will cry out to God during this immense time of sadness and need. Please remember us in the coming days, months and years.”

– Terra Pinkard

And, we will. We will pray.  And we will probably also give a ton of thought to figuring out what really matters.

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