The Sunday Scoop: The Servant of God

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God promised that His blessing would come to the nations, but in the thirteen hundred years that had passed since the time of Abraham, there had not been much progress. God had blessed His people, but they had turned to other gods. And now they were coming under the judgment of God themselves. So what hope was there of God’s blessing coming to the nations?

The Servant of God

A servant is a person who gets his master’s will done. If you are a servant, your job description is very simple: Whatever your master tells you to do, you do it! The servant is at the beck and call of his or her master, and the role of the servant is to get what the master wants done. So when God introduces His servant in the book of Isaiah, He is saying, “Let Me tell you about the person who will get My will done in the world.”

God says, “My servant will not be a celebrity. He will not promote himself. He will not be the kind of person who tries to dominate everybody else.

He will not shout. In fact, the outstanding thing about him will be the quietness of his ministry. He will get on with doing My will without drawing attention to himself.”

The Bruised Reed

The will of God does not get done in this world through the genius of spectacular programs or by the glamour of mega-personalities. The servant of God is altogether different: “a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench” (42:3). When a reed bends, it usually gets trampled on. And if a candle is burning low, you snuff it out and light another one.But God says that His servant will not do that.

Perhaps you can identify with the bruised reed. You have been trampled on and you struggle to stand up under a crushing weight that seems too great to bear. Or perhaps you can relate to the smoldering wick.

There was a time when your faith burned brightly, but now you’re running out of fuel. The servant who gets God’s will done has a quiet ministry that touches the lives of wounded and weary people with compassion.

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