The Sunday Scoop: As We Move Away from God

This content is from OPEN, a new online resource that serves as a guided journey through the Bible. 

It’s natural for us to think that if we provide a loving environment for our children, give them a good education, and bring them to church, the result will be godly kids.

But, as the world’s first parents discovered, it’s not always like that.

In the generations that followed, sin became rampant. Man’s wickedness on earth became great, and “every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Gen. 6:5).

In a short time the human race had fallen from one act of disobedience in the garden to a tide of violence that was sweeping across the earth. Far from telling us that human nature gets better and better, which is what our society likes to believe, the Bible tells us that as we move away from God, we become worse and worse.

Sin is a Living Seed

When my wife Karen and I lived in London we spent sixteen years battling bindweed, a fast growing vine-like weed that wound its way round our roses.

The bindweed was deeply rooted in the clay soil of our garden and, having attached itself to the root system of our plants, it was impossible to remove. The best we could do was to cut it back and try to keep it under control.

Sin is like that. When you choose to violate one of God’s commands you plant a living seed, and it will grow.

The first thing that the Bible says to us about sin is, “Don’t go there.” Flee from evil. Get as far from it as you possibly can, because it is a growing power. Don’t set yourself up for wounds and scars and battles that may be with you for years.

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