The Sunday Scoop: Amazing Grace

This content is from OPEN, a new online resource that serves as a guided journey through the Bible. 

All the way through the Bible we find God reaching out to save people by grace.

This pattern is established early on:

“Noah found favor [or grace] in the eyes of the LORD” (Gen. 6:8).

God acted with kindness and compassion toward Noah, first, by warning him that judgment was coming, and second, by telling him what he needed to do in order to be saved from it.

Knowing about a coming judgment would not be of much help to us unless there was a way to be saved from it.

The warning of judgment is not the angry outburst of a vindictive God; it is the gracious call of a loving God who says, “I must destroy evil, and I will. But I do not want to destroy you,and here is how you can escape.”

Jesus is the Ark That Shelters us

A sudden rainstorm is a good picture of the judgment of God. If we stand alone, the rain will fall on us directly, and we will be overwhelmed by it. But if we are inside a house, the downpour will fall on the roof, and because we are inside, it will not touch us.

Jesus Christ is the refuge God has provided for us— the ark that shelters us against the storm of God’s judgment. When He died on the cross, the judgment of God for our sins fell on Him, and God invites us to come to Him as our shelter.

If you are in Christ, God’s judgment will not fall on you, because it has already fallen on Him. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1).

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