I Want to Know the Motive Behind the Las Vegas Tragedy

I want to know the motive

We all saw what happened. And now come the questions. What could prompt someone to do something like that? Did he “snap“? Was he radicalized in some way? What was his background, his mindset? What was his childhood like? What of his gambling debts? What about his father’s criminal past?

Those are the questions, but they’re not my questions.

I want to know the motive, but I’m not so interested in HIS motive.

I want to know about THEIR motives. The ones who threw their bodies on top of others, sacrificing their own lives for wives, girlfriends… and strangers.

It's the motive behind the sacrifice that is truly remarkable. Share on X

Let’s hear more about them. Sure, evil fascinates, but it is not exceptional. Anyone who studies history knows as much. Humans have always been capable of inaptly titled “inhuman” things. To study human history is to see battlefields and villages littered with tragedies, ravaged by selfishness and brutality.

But sacrifice… that’s remarkable. Police, running in the wide open, to warn others to get out of the way?

A man, covering two women he didn’t know, taking bullet after bullet into his back, telling them he knew he wouldn’t make it, that he would die? (And he did, and they didn’t.)
A war veteran, staying in the open, with the body of a fallen stranger, filling his bullet holes with his fingers, in order to stop the flow of blood?

A dad of three, who desperately ran about, getting people out of harms way AFTER being shot… before he himself was rescued by an off-duty cop who got him and other victims to a hospital?

Oh, I’m interested in motives all right. Backgrounds. Back-stories. Stories of their dads and moms.

Motives. I’m interested all right.

I’m interested in theirs.

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