How to Use Science to Find True Love

Almost all of us have been there. We go out with someone, and have a pretty good time. We see potential in a relationship, but we wish there was just some way to really know if we could actually get along and be happy together.

That’s where science comes in!

There are lots of ways to know things about someone just by looking at them or watching their behavior. We’ve designed a short questionnaire to analyze the behavior and habits of your date that will tell you all you need to know about their personality and whether you’re compatible. Once you answer these questions, you will be able to move on from the losers and find the winner for you!*

*umm, that’s a joke. You can’t really verify your relationship compatibility from someone’s shoes. But, in all seriousness, sometimes these things can give us hints into what a life together would like. A HINT, not an answer.

1. Was your date early, on time, or late?

This one works no matter what kind of date you have planned. If your date is picking you up, were they on time? If you’re meeting somewhere, did they make you wait? or were you early?

There seems to be some correlation between punctuality and personality traits. If your date shows up on time, it suggests they have lots of empathy, plan ahead, and take genuine interest in others. Early arrivers might tend to experience emotions in a deeper way than the average person, and they will probably have lots on their mind. If your date is late, it could means they are creative and have an adventurous spirit.

2. Did your date yawn after you?

This might be hard to test, unless your date is really boring (but then you won’t need these hacks anyways). It turns out the faster someone catches someone else’s yawning, the more empathetic they are. Just wait until you know your date is looking in your direction, do a big ‘ol yawn, and time how long passes before they yawn, too. If they never do catch your yawn, just excuse yourself, go home, and lock all your doors because he’s a psycopath.

(If you’re not yawning already, you might be the psychopath 😱)

3. Do their shoes look comfortable and worn or new and impeccable?

This seems both intuitive and impossible to believe, but it’s true. There was a study that had one group of people send in a picture of their shoes along with a personality profile, then the researchers had a different group of people look at the pictures of shoes and create personality profiles about the owner.

And they got it right!

  • People who wore practical shoes tended to enjoy helping others and had lots of optimism.
  • Calm people who dealt well with stress had uncomfortable looking shoes.
  • If your date is wearing ankle boots, then they are probably more aggressive and cautious of change.
  • Fancy, well-kept shoes? They probably enjoy having set schedules and might be a little anxious.

4. Do they like candy or chips more?

This one is easy to remember: Sweet people like sweets, salty people like salt.

Okay, maybe it’s not that easy and clear-cut, but there is some connection between agreeableness and having a sweet-tooth. People who like candy bars and cotton candy are more likely to do good things just because. I suspect it’s because sugar tastes so good it’s impossible to not be in a good mood after a bowl of ice cream, but no one really knows for sure.

5. Do they eat slowly? or order the same thing every time?

Try not to get caught staring as you try to figure this one out, but watching a person eat is a good way to know how they feel about rules, time, and change.

According to Juliet Boghossian, you can guess that a slow eater enjoys life, but they also like to be in control and don’t like surprises. If your date scarfs their food down before you’ve even finished your appetizer, then they are probably goal-oriented and adventurous. Ordering something they’ve never had means they are risk-takers and open to change. If they eat all of one food before moving on to a different one, they might have a stubborn streak and be very-task oriented.


Now that you have the power to instantly judge and measure someone’s personality, you’re going to need to be careful. A trait that might seem essential in a partner, it might simply be something familiar and easy. Just because you’re a calm person does not mean you need another calm person in your life. Their stoicism might drive you absolutely nuts after 15 years.

While using these questions to define the potential of any relationship is not advisable, they could give you some questions to ask or encourage some conversations.

Did your date show up early? Ask him how he handles stress and what stresses him out.

Did your date wear chucks and a dress? Try to found out how she handles conflict. Does she just sweep it under the rug because she doesn’t like rocking the boat, or does she actually address it.

And, of course, never use these tools to make your date think you’re something your not. You be you. Proudly!

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