A Positive COVID Test Can’t Stop Natalie Grant From Being Grateful

Natalie Grant shared on her Instagram that she has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Despite hearing the news that no one in 2020 wants to receive she has stayed grateful and thankful for many things. The one thing she is asking people to pray for is her youngest daughter Gracie. Gracie is asthmatic. Natalie is quarantining in her house away from her family to keep Gracie safe but they would love your prayers while she is healing and recovering from the virus.


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Well, a positive Covid test wasn’t in the plan, but here we are. I’m terribly achy, extra tired, can’t taste anything and just super bleh. Though I realize I’m only at the start of it, these are the things I’m incredibly grateful for today: I’m going to recover. I don’t have an underlying health condition. I’m not having lung/breathing issues. I have medical insurance. I have a loving family. I have a supportive husband who is stepping in to fully take care of the kids. I have an incredible church community that is praying, texting and offering to help in any way they can. My thoughts are with those who have it and are alone. I’m thinking of those right now that are having so much difficulty breathing, and are afraid. My heart is with the single parent that has this stupid virus and is panicked about who is going to take care of their kids. I mean, how do you even isolate? So then you’re afraid of getting your kids sick. Single parents – you’re heroes. And for all of you that have lost someone you love to this, I’m just so sorry. Most of you never even got the chance to say goodbye and I’m grieving with you. So yeah, I have Covid. But somehow I’m feeling incredibly blessed in the midst of it all. #perspective (And if you’re willing, pray for protection and health over my sweet Gracie, as she is an asthmatic.❤️)

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Colleen K Parker
October 31, 2020 4:25 pm

Prayers for you and your family.

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