A Poem for Tim Tebow’s Return to Football

From Gator to Bronco
From Heisman to bench
You proved you could win
Wherever you went

Denver kept losing
‘Til you took control
Some had more skill
But you had more soul

When down in the 4th
Your drives never stopped
You fought and you fought
‘Til you came out on top

You helped a whole nation
Of underdogs dream
And the Broncos became
America’s team

You were humble and kind
And amazing TV
After touchdowns and comebacks
You knelt on one knee

New fans were watching
Who before didn’t care
And Facebook filled up
With kneeling in prayer

While your critics kept saying
It wouldn’t last
You conquered the Steelers
With one epic pass

The magic, it ended
The very next game
And when you were traded
It was never the same

Cut by New York
New England and Philly
You kept on trying
And your critics said, “Really?”

You fought and you fought
‘Til all doors were shut
And then you tried baseball
And your critics said, “What?”

4 years in the minors
You were never the best
But you kept on believing
And that’s a success

From football to baseball
To football again
It’s hard not to wonder
How this will end

Football in Florida
We’ll see you there
Hoping, Tebowing
And saying a prayer

From Gator to Jaguar
One man and his dream
The Jaguars are now
America’s team

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Rob Vischer Audible God

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