3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Jesus in the Car…

Parenting from the driver’s seat is hard. Bathroom breaks every 90 minutes + temper tantrums + packing like a Tetris champ = double the drive time. Whether you’re about to drive 8 hours to your in-laws or 5 minutes to get groceries, kids always find an unexpected way to challenge you.

I want to go way beyond giving you a couple of ways to just keep your kids busy in the car. Instead, I’m giving you 3 easy ways to teach your kids about Jesus while you drive.

Ready? Get set. Go!

1. Download What’s in the Bible? or the original Veggietales to your child’s tablet.

Both of these shows infuse quick humor and eye-catching animation into Biblically sound storytelling. I highly recommend both of these shows. Your kids will consume them like candy, and honestly, you’ll love them too. But remember, don’t start watching their tablet in your rear view mirror. Safety first. Keep your eyes on the road!

2. Pack The Jesus Storybook Bible

This version of the Bible captivates kids and makes grown men cry. How do I know? I’m one of those men.

My wife and I read it to our 1 year old daughter. She’s way too young to understand it, but we love every story. It clearly portrays God’s passionate love for us in a way anyone can understand. As you read it, your understanding of the Bible will quickly become less you-centered and more Jesus-centered. When your kids hit the reading stage, they will love this book.

Image result for the storybook bible

3. Sing along with your kids to Christian kids music.

When I was growing up, I thought most Christian kids music was boring and cheesy. Back then, there was one really good Christian kids album. Now, there’s tons of amazing Christian kids albums. Check these 3 out:

Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. Rend Collective

Sing: Creation Songs Ellie Holcomb

Big Stories for Little Ones Rain for Roots

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