Change For Your Dollar

Money has a sneaky way of getting between us and God. Whether you have a lot or a little, your mindset about money affects your relationship to God and those you love the most. I believe you can love God, have money, use it wisely, and boldly live a faithful life. Listen, friends, money is not bad. But it’s also not easy. Let’s explore what it looks like to align your money choices with your faith, so you can use money as a tool with God as your guide. As your heart and mind align more with God, you find more peace rather than confusion. And you begin to live out more of the unique story that God made just for you.


Change For Your Dollar

Available Episodes

109 – 8 Themes Will Transform your Money Thinking

WHAT you think about matters. This special two-part episode delves into the profound connection between WHAT you think about and your money choices. In this

Nov 27, 2023 • 18 min 40 sec

108 – 3 Essay Winners Share: What Thanksgiving Means to Me

I stumbled upon something special. As we approach Thanksgiving this week, three heartwarming winning essays from 12-year-old Tatiana, 18-year-old Tracy, and Dale, father of a

Nov 20, 2023 • 13 min 58 sec

107 – 10 Wise Tips for ‘Black Friday’ Weekend

Black Friday BIG deals need BIG wisdom! The term “Black Friday” originated from the retail practice of moving from the red (loss) to the black

Nov 14, 2023 • 17 min 2 sec

106 – 5 Clues Wealth may be Weighing Down your Faith and 4 Steps to Help

Could your wealth actually be ‘weighing down’ your faith? Like backpacking ratios, managing wealth has its own set of balances, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all formula.

Nov 06, 2023 • 15 min 31 sec

105 – How to Master your ‘Money MO’ – part 2

Ever wondered why conflicts arise in financial discussions? It’s often because your Money MOs clash with your personal goals or each other. Welcome back to

Oct 30, 2023 • 17 min 59 sec

104 – How to Master your ‘Money MO’ – part 1

Money is a powerful force, often at the center of many of life’s opportunities and challenges, especially in our closest relationships. We’ve all heard that

Oct 23, 2023 • 16 min 54 sec

103 – Your Mental Money Rules Can Sabotage your Success – Here’s 3 Steps to Fix Them

It’s happened to all of us – you found some money – what do you do with it? Join me as I recount an intriguing

Oct 16, 2023 • 15 min 8 sec

102 – 2 Ways Your Current Money Choices Can Keep you From Making your BEST Money Choices – Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of a two-part series, where we delve deep into the intricate relationship between how your current money choices can

Oct 09, 2023 • 20 min 11 sec

101 – 2 Ways Your Current Money Choices Can Keep you From Making your BEST Money Choices – Part 1

In this first part of a two-part episode, I’m anchoring into scripture for how your money choices can distance you from making a choice that

Oct 02, 2023 • 17 min 44 sec

Special Episode 100 – 4 Parables, 4 Lessons, Infinite Inspiration for your Money

Welcome to your very special episode #100! This milestone episode will feel different than most you have heard. As I prayed about this special episode,

Sep 25, 2023 • 20 min 39 sec
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