Change For Your Dollar

Money has a sneaky way of getting between us and God. Whether you have a lot or a little, your mindset about money affects your relationship to God and those you love the most. I believe you can love God, have money, use it wisely, and boldly live a faithful life. Listen, friends, money is not bad. But it’s also not easy. Let’s explore what it looks like to align your money choices with your faith, so you can use money as a tool with God as your guide. As your heart and mind align more with God, you find more peace rather than confusion. And you begin to live out more of the unique story that God made just for you.


Change For Your Dollar

Available Episodes

121 – Finding the Right Path for your Student’s College & Career Journey

I recently came upon a thought-provoking Wall Street Journal article discussing the opinion of why Americans are losing faith in the value of higher education,

Feb 19, 2024 • 34 min 34 sec

120 – 3 Tensions of Love & Money (and what to do about it)

As we gear up for Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think about the intriguing tensions of love and money and what you can do

Feb 12, 2024 • 18 min 28 sec

119 – 7 Lessons for When Your Plans DON’T go as Planned

How often is your reality different from your plans? I found myself this week re-learing old lessons, finding peace in the midst of changing plans,

Feb 05, 2024 • 13 min 59 sec

118 – Welcome to Money Made Faithful!

I’s a special day – the beginning of our growing outreach under our new name, Money Made Faithful! I’m excited to dive into what this

Jan 29, 2024 • 14 min 2 sec

117 – Achieve Your Money Goals in 2024! Step 4 – SET YOUR VALUES with 3 Guidelines to Be your Best

Welcome back to our ongoing series to Achieve your Money Goals in 2024! We’re delving into a quietly crucial aspect in this fourth and final

Jan 22, 2024 • 29 min 2 sec

116 – Achieve Your Money Goals in 2024! Step 3 – SET YOUR MISSION with 4 Moves

Welcome to STEP 3 – SET YOUR MISSION in our four-part series designed to help you Achieve Your Money Goals in 2024! This step is

Jan 15, 2024 • 26 min 16 sec

115 – Achieve your Money Goals in 2024! Step 2 – SET YOUR VISION with 3 Key Actions

Welcome back to the second session of our four-part series on achieving your money goals in 2024. Today, we’re diving deep into STEP 2 –

Jan 08, 2024 • 21 min 42 sec

114 – Achieve your Money Goals in 2024! Step 1 – SET YOUR LESSONS with 5 Questions

Setting goals is easy. Achieving goals is tough. You CAN achieve your faithful money goals in 2024 by applying 4 powerful steps! I delve into

Jan 02, 2024 • 23 min 44 sec

113 – A 3 Minute ‘Money Twist’ for the Day-After-Christmas

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Here’s a 3-minute mini-pod with a ‘money twist’ for the day-after-Christmas!Key Takeaways: Give – declutter & simplify. Save

Dec 25, 2023 • 3 min 22 sec

112 – ‘The Man & the Birds’ – A Special Christmas Story

Welcome to a special Christmas story! As you navigate the hustle and bustle of last-minute preparations and festivities, I’m honored to share a modern-day parable

Dec 18, 2023 • 9 min 56 sec
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